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ArenAPoort: dynamic city district
The Zandkasteel is part of ArenAPoort, the Amsterdam-Zuidoost city centre. The public transport terminal for train, metro and bus is centrally located in this area between the Johan Cruyff Arena and Anton de Komplein. The shopping centre has a diverse range of shops and restaurants. In the coming years, ArenAPoort will become even more attractive…

Originally an office and event location, ArenAPoort is transforming into a dynamic urban district. The planning up until 2030 includes the realisation of 5,700 residences, 80,000 m2 of office space and 13,000 m2 of shops. Room is included for sports and recreation, a new city park and community facilities. The existing shopping centre is also to be completely renovated. New functions and facilities are also emerging in the area around the Johan Cruyff Arena, including in the Urban Interactive District project. Interested in finding out more about all the plans? Read the municipal development strategy for ArenAPoort.

ArenAPoort is the Amsterdam-Zuidoost city centre. This district has been designated as an urban growth location by the municipality of Amsterdam. New housing is being built in several locations in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, such as Amstel III.